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Our Centre consists of a group of professional experts in different fields. Some of them perform various analytics while others perform everyday work aimed at collecting information and reviews. A unite group of expert are always here to complete your orders in time. And thereby we can obtain high results.

Having great experience in the media analysis field we are absolutely sure in the quality of our work and we are offering a competitive price for our services.

Every day we process a huge amount of information and provide our clients with relevant products that fully satisfy their requirements. Our expert reviews allow you to get urgent information every day without spending time and money on a search for it.

We fully understand the meaning of urgent information and can work with it that’s why many people trust us and cooperate with our Centre. We guarantee the quality of our products, confidentiality and reliability of the information.


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Media Monitoring

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Media monitoring allows tracing any mentions of the company, person or event you are interested in, it also allows analyzing possible threats and risks, estimating the efficiency of press-service and getting the most complete picture of the information field.
We offer you the monitoring which meets the highest quality standards

  • the most complete coverage of sources: In our work we use data bases and open sources, special printed media, foreign media which give the most complete coverage of the information field.

  • timeliness of information: monitoring is provided to a client during strictly stipulated terms, at the most convenient time: monitoring can be provided in the morning or during the daytime. We also offer SMS-messaging service;

  • Convenient form of monitoring: form of monitoring meets the requirements of a customer. We use special system of headlines, annotations and hyperlinks to make the product convenient for a customer. There are other ways to provide information including interactive monitoring.

Media Monitoring Centre is flexible in prices – we can help you to meet the allocated budget and get quality and complete product. We provide such services as:

On-line monitoring

On-line monitoring allows tracing materials with different periodicity depending on the requirements of the customers.

Daily monitoring

Every morning you get structured documents with mentioning of a company, a person of an event according to the technical task.

Weekly monitoring

This form of monitoring allows maintaining a high level of actuality of information and reacting on a timely basis to negative changes.

Industry news

Industry digest allows tracing the news of your competitors, changes in legislation or any other important information.

Special editions monitoring

Monitoring of highly specialized media guarantees a maximum coverage of the information field.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring allows revealing reviews of ultimate consumers about your products or services, which makes it possible to adapt them to comply with the demands of your clients.


Analyze this!

Analytical products based on media monitoring are carefully structured and handy information about how your company and its competitors are represented in the media. Our solutions allow you to:

  • visualize the state of the information field of your company;
  • reveal important tendencies in the development of information field;
  • estimate the events which have the largest media response;
  • estimate the efficiency of press-service’s work;
  • forecast the development of different situations and actions of competitors;
  • make decisions which could lead your company to a positive image effect.

To estimate the information field we use a number of key factors, which visually demonstrate the positioning of your company. This and quantitative data such as mentions of the company analyzed in different aspects, the character of publications, as well as special indexes which allow estimating press-service’s work, media ratings, journalists and events and other factors.

Moreover we are ready to perform non-standard tasks connected with information processing of open sources, which allows fully meeting the requirements of each client.

Аnalytical report for a period of time

Аnalytical report for a period of time allows to reveal and trace the tendencies of the development of information field for the specified time period.

Competitive analysis

This product helps to estimate the targets and prospects of your competitors, see their advantages, know their mistakes and unusual solutions.

On-event analytics

Analytical note on an event allows changing focus in the direction of a specific situation and estimate its influence on the company’s image, competitors and the market as a whole.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is an information product which allows analyzing market abilities of a product or a service, seeing new ways of your company’s development.

Reputational analysis

Reputational analysis allows correcting promotion strategy taking into account the methods that influence the company’s image.


The content-analysis of an issue is needed when it is necessary to limit the list of media sources and chose the ones which provide more important information.

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